Player Profile

With your profile, it is important to get as much info to the coach in as few words as possible. A coach does not have the time to read an essay about you. They want to know your grades are good enough and that you are a good enough player for them to invest time in recruiting you. Here is what you should include:

  • Name, high school, graduating year (mention if you are graduating any time other than spring)
  • Personal stats (height and weight)
  • High school soccer experience, team accomplishments, personal awards (athletic, academic)
  • Current club team, recent team accomplishments (you do not need to go back more than a year or so, unless there is something specific from before that period that you think will make a difference)
  • Academic interests (projected major - ensure it is one the college offers)
  • Where and when they can see you play
  • Great references (multiple high level coaches who can vouch for you along with a couple character references)

Download - Player Profile Template