Posted May 24, 2019

Welcome to Northwest Ohio FCA Soccer Club! It's 2019 and the Northwest Ohio FCA Soccer Club is ready to take flight!  A competitive soccer club that will rely heavily on some of the basic, long-established principles that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has successfully used to guide its members for decades.  We are excited to provide this one of a kind experience in faith and premier level soccer that will be unique to the Northwest Ohio soccer community.  Forged in integrity and strong in its passion for the beautiful game, what an incredible 2019-2020 our esteemed staff is looking forward to!  The landscape for youth soccer in Northwest Ohio is about to change.

Mission: Providing a positive yet challenging environment for the young athlete that will not only grow and develop that player on the field of play but also spiritually and intellectually to prepare them for challenges both on and off the field.   

Vision Statement: Faith, Family & Futbol.  Unique in its inception, Northwest Ohio looks to carefully knit together a community that sees these three principals as mutually necessary to ensure that the soccer the Club provides is one that is a positive experience for all...  The Player, the Coach, the opponents, the referees, families, and friends of all who might attend.  The Club truly looks to provide a high level/premier soccer legacy while being true ambassadors to the game and all who come in contact with the Club in any way.  Ambassadors of Soccer and Ambassadors of the Word.

Playing Philosophy: The Club will provide a holistic approach to developing the complete player in not only the technical principles of the game but also growth in confidence and the overall soccer IQ of each player in a team-first environment.  The program's focus will be to provide competition at a premier level while always encouraging and requiring growth and development every step of the way.

Northwest Ohio Director of Soccer Operations: Matt Nagel 419.461.1390 or

Area Director: Josh Erd 419.819.8789 or

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.