Driveline Velocity Camp
Posted Jun 12, 2017

High school baseball players, if you are serious about adding velocity from the mound, arm strength from the field, and learning about injury prevention, FCA Baseball will be offering an 8-week Driveline velocity camp. This camp, led by Chris Johnson and Evan Platonas, will follow well established, research-based throwing programs from Driveline Baseball. Along with receiving quality assessments and pre-post testing, each registrant will receive their own equipment to keep for year-round arm care. Visit to learn more about Driveline. 


Driveline Velocity Camp

June 27 - August 17 (8 Weeks)


12:00-1:15 PM

Field 1 LCS

Grades 9-12

Cost $299*

*Each registrant will receive their own Driveline velocity kit (PlyoCare balls, J-Bands, weighted baseballs, and wrist weights. $264 value!) included in their registration fees! This is yours to keep for year round arm care.


Driveline Baseball is an established provider of research-driven pitching and hitting training programs. They have been featured in ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Baseball America, The Hardball Times, and more. 1000's of athletes and coaches, from high school to MLB, utilize Driveline programs. We are going to be following their 8 week On-Ramp Velocity Program this summer. This program is for motivated, disciplined pitchers who are willing to "cross the T's and dot the I's." Attendance, focus, and following protocols on recovery days are vital to proper execution of this program.


Driveline Velocity Camp
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