Volunteers are the only way the Lenawee Cup can be successful. With so many areas that take "man (or woman) power," it's the people and volunteers that are really the back-bone of the Lenawee Cup.

Field Marshals

Field Marshals are the eyes and ears for the Tournament headquarters. As a field marshal, you are assigned a small group of fields and are available to answer questions and assist players and parents. They act as the Tournament's "feet on the ground" to smooth the proceedings and avoid/correct potential issues (i.e., referee shortage; coach/player/parent ejections and player injury).

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Registration Check-in

As a Registration check-in volunteer, you will need to be open to attend a half hour meeting on Friday, Sept 25 at 3pm and then available for Check-in of teams from 5:30p-9:30pm. Our check-in volunteers help make the registration night a smooth and easy process for our guest teams. You will be responsible for checking player cards, rosters, guest player forms, medical release forms, concussion certificates, and handing out team gifts.

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Parking Volunteers

Parking Volunteers are needed throughout the day to help our out of town guests navigate to drop off players and secure parking. There is more field space than parking spots at the fields, so we will be using off-site parking and shuttle services to help with the flow of parking. Parking volunteers must have a calm and friendly demeanor in the face of frustrated and, occasionally, rude drivers. This is not a job for the faint of heart but it is one that we really need help with!

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T-Shirt Tent

T-Shirt Tent staff get to work in the shade and out of the rain. They act as the tournament's "sales associates" in assisting customers select and purchase their tournament gear.

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Trophy Tent

Trophy Tent - some of the best moments of the tournament are seeing the teams from the final game receive their hard earned trophies. Help is needed in the trophy tent to unload, organize, and bring smiles to all the winners!

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Field Set-up

If there is any definite need in this tournament, it will be with setting up fields and helping to line new ones. You will be assisting our Fields and Facilities manager with moving goals, stringing new lines, and moving benches the weekend and week prior to the tournament.

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