Article I

The name of this organization shall be the FCA Soccer Club, (hereinafter referred to as FCA Soccer).

Article II

Mission Statement:

To provide our youth the opportunity to develop individual and team soccer skills to their fullest potential through proper training and developmentally appropriate team competition while growing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement:

The Club is committed to address the physical, psychological, technical, tactical, and spiritual components of the game to ensure the best soccer experience for each player.  We, the club, endeavor to support our members in developing into outstanding players who will excel in higher level soccer programs and in life. The Club is committed to expanding passion for the game while lifting up our Christian principles. 

Article III

Section 1       Members are formed by any player or coach registration

Section 2       Members must remain in good standing with regard to payment of fees and dues.

Section 3       Membership may be terminated by a two-thirds vote of the FCA Soccer Council


Article IV

Section 1       FCA Soccer will be governed by its Bylaws except when these are superseded by the LCM Board, MSYSA, OYSAN or the FCA Club Council. The governing authority of FCA Soccer is vested with its Council members, as described below.

Section 2       The Council shall be composed of the officers and trustees as defined in Article IV. No Council member shall have more than one (1) vote at any meeting.

Section 3       The Council shall adopt rules, policies and procedures that will govern the operation and play of teams, and the rules may be amended by a majority of the Council.

Section 4       A majority of all Council members shall constitute a quorum. The Council shall provide the time and place for holding additional regular meetings of the Council without other notice.


Article V

Section 1       The FCA Soccer Council shall be composed of four elected officers and five elected committee trustees.

Section 2       Each member will hold the responsibility of a trustee. Each trustee holds office until a successor is elected. No trustee shall receive any salary by reason of being a trustee or officer of FCA Soccer.

Section 3       The Officers of FCA Soccer Council shall be elected from the trustees on even or odd years as follows:

  1. President odd
  2. Vice President even
  3. Secretary/Treasurer odd
  4. Registrar even
  5. Trustee 1 odd
  6. Trustee 2 even
  7. Trustee 3 odd
  8. Trustee 4 even
  9. Trustee 5 odd

Section 4       All Officers shall be elected by the council members by majority vote after the Annual Meeting. All Officers must have held a Trustee position for a minimum of one (1) calendar year.

Section 5       If a trustee position has been vacated, the remaining members shall nominate a member for the open position. All Trustees shall be elected by the council members by majority vote after the Annual Meeting after the nomination process has been completed. If the open position is held as an Officer of the council, the soccer council will elect a replacement from within the current council membership.

Section 6       The duties of the Officers and trustees shall be as follows:

  1. The President shall preside at all meetings, preside over the AGM, be a signatory upon FCA Soccer negotiable documents and be a spokesperson for FCA Soccer.
  1. The Vice President shall act in the absence of the President with the same authority, shall chair the field usage and facilities committee, and shall perform other duties as assigned by the Council.
  1. The Secretary shall be responsible for all communications, both internal and external, and shall keep the official records of FCA Soccer Council, including minutes of all meetings, shall chair the Finance Committee, and shall perform other duties as assigned by the Council.
  1. The Registrar shall be Chair of the Registration/Scholarship Committee, shall be responsible for registration of players and coaches, shall file copies of all paperwork as needed, and other duties as assigned by the Soccer Council.
  1. Trustees may be the Chair of subcommittees, be a voting member of the Soccer Council, and shall perform other duties as assigned by the Soccer Council.


Section 7       Any member of the council failing to attend meetings in such a manner as to consistently cause a quorum to not be established shall have his/her continued tenure subjected to a vote of the membership in no less than ten no more than thirty days from the last meeting of Council where a quorum was not established. Any Officer or trustee may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the Soccer Council present at a membership meeting.

Section 8       The FCA Soccer Council will be advised from the Executive Director

Section 9       Newly elected Council members assume responsibility beginning January 1st

Section 10     If there are not enough nominations to fill vacant Council positions, a quorum of the Council may appoint members to fill those positions during a future Council meeting with those appointments assuming responsibility immediately.


Article VI

Section 1       Meeting of the membership shall be held at the call of the Council provided that at least one meeting be held monthly.

Section 2       The meeting normally held in the month of November shall be called the annual general meeting (AGM) and shall be for the election of officers and presentation of other information.

Section 3       A quorum of the Council is required at all meetings to conduct business. A quorum is defined as a majority of the current Council.


Article VII

Committees other than Registration and Rules and Games may be appointed as needed by the President with advice and consent of the FCA Soccer Council for an active life to be specified in the appointment.


Article VIII

Section 1       Each Council member shall have one vote with the President voting only to break a tie. Voting may consistent via teleconference and/or videoconference.

Section 2       Voting shall not be allowed by proxy. Attendance is acceptable via teleconference and/or videoconference.


Article IX

The Colors of FCA Soccer will be Navy, Orange, and White.


Article X

The seasonal year for FCA Soccer shall be August 1 through July 31 of the calendar year.


Article XI

The FCA Soccer Club will be an affiliated member of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA), Ohio Youth Soccer Association (North) and any other organization the Council deems beneficial to the game of soccer.


Article XII

All financial information including but not limited to budgets, tax filings, salaries and compensation will be performed by Lenawee Christian Ministries (LCM).


Article XIII

 These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members provided that the amendment has been presented in writing at the previous Council meeting.


Article XIV

The rules contained in the current edition of FCA Soccer shall govern FCA Soccer in all cases in which they are applicable and do not conflict with these bylaws.


Article XVI

 Amendments shall be deemed adopted by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Soccer Council present at meetings called for that purpose.


Article XVI

 These bylaws shall be in effect as of the 25 day of February, 2015.