FCA Soccer Club Rules


These rules and policies are general guidelines for FCA Soccer Club teams. The FCA Soccer Council may change any of these rules as described in the FCA Soccer Club Bylaws. Request for exceptions may be brought to the Council for consideration. Rules of FCA Soccer must not violate rules the MSYSA, OYSAN, NWOYSL or sanctioned league(s) in which FCA participates.


Mission Statement:

To provide our youth the opportunity to develop individual and team soccer skills to their fullest potential through proper training and developmentally appropriate team competition while growing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Vision Statement:

The Club is committed to address the physical, psychological, technical, tactical, and spiritual components of the game to ensure the best soccer experience for each player.  We, the club, endeavor to support our members in developing into outstanding players who will excel in higher level soccer programs and in life. The Club is committed to expanding passion for the game while lifting up our Christian principles.  


  1. General


  1. FCA Soccer will be affiliated with the Michigan Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) and Ohio North Youth Soccer Association (OYSAN). FCA Soccer will participate in these associations’ sanctioned leagues and will comply by the rules of those leagues.


  1. The FCA Soccer Council will establish and enforce stringent codes of ethics to which players, coaches, and managers must adhere. If violations of the conduct and standards are levied, the FCA Council will proceed with a special meeting and proceed as detailed in the FCA Soccer Bylaws.


  1. All club registration fees, insurance fees, league fees, referee fees and FCA Soccer fees will be paid directly to FCA Soccer. The club will be responsible to pay all financial obligations owed to third parties.


  1. All players must have his/her registration fees current in order to continue participation with FCA Soccer. Players that have not paid those fees are not allowed to participate in training or games until the payment is made or other arrangements have been agreed upon.


  1. FCA Soccer Bylaws document and the FCA Soccer Rules document will be available on the FCA Soccer website.


  1. Each player is responsible for purchasing his/her own uniform items from the approved FCA uniform list. As stated in the FCA Soccer Bylaws, the colors of the club are Navy, Orange, and White. Uniforms must adhere to the rules of the league.


  1. The Council


FCA Soccer Council shall adhere to the rules defined in the FCA Soccer Bylaws.


III. Team Formation


  1. Tryout dates will be determined by the Executive Director, Directors of Coaching and the Soccer Council. Tryout dates will adhere to MSYSA and OYSAN rules and will be determined during the February Board meeting and communicated to club members.


  1. Based on the number of players attending tryouts, the Executive Director will work with coaches to determine the number of teams at each age group.


  1. All players must have an official tryout before being added to an FCA team.


  1. FCA Soccer adheres to age pure teams unless the need to move a player(s) up is in the best interest of the player and club and is agreed to by the player’s parents. Only the Executive Director of Coaching has the authority to permit this move.


  1. The area Director of Coaching has the final say in team formations.


  1. Teams are formed for the length of one full seasonal year (July-June) and financial obligations are due for the entire seasonal year.


  1. FCA may add additional players to the team rosters based throughout the year at the discretion of area Director of Coaching.


  1. Coaches


  1. Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be approved and assigned by the Director of Coaching.


  1. Coaches will report directly to their program Director and the Executive Director of Coaching.


  1. Coaches are responsible for knowing the rules of the league for which they play.


  1. Coaches will adhere to the FCA Soccer Coaching Curriculum.


  1. Coaches shall assume full responsibility for their team's players, regardless of age bracket. The coach is responsible for the attitude and behavior of his/her players and players' parents.


  1. Coaches must sign the Coaches Contract which includes a Code of Ethics prior to the start of any training sessions.


  1. The coach (and Assistant coach) must have completed the Risk Management process through the MSYSA or OYSAN (depending on the league for which they participate).


  1. Discipline of coaches by the Soccer Council will adhere to the FCA Soccer Bylaws.


  1. Coaches must report in writing to the Executive Director any Red Card violation issued to a player or the coach. This notification needs to be made within two days of the issuing of the Red Card.


  1. Coaches must adhere to the rules of FCA Soccer and are expected to support Executive Director and Soccer Council decisions. Refusal to do so can lead to disciplinary action.


  1. Coaches serve at the convenience of the Director of Coaching.


  1. Coaches are responsible for adhering to the following Playing Time policy:


Players of U12 and under will receive a minimum of 50% playing time during league play when promotion or relegation is not involved (MRL).


Playing time is not guaranteed during tournaments.


  1. Players


  1. All FCA Soccer rosters must be registered with the MSYSA or OYSAN (depending on league play).


  1. All players, upon registering with the FCA Soccer, must furnish a copy of their birth certificate, which will be retained by the FCA Soccer Registrar.


  1. Non-Rostered players are not allowed to play in any league games (i.e no guest players for league games).


  1. All players must sign the Player Code of Conduct form.


  1. 50% playing time will be received during league play when relegation or promotion is not involved for U12 and under. There are no playing time guarantees during tournaments.


  1. Parents


  1. Parents are required to sign the Code of Conduct form prior to being able to attend any game their child plays.


  1. Parents are required to attend the bi-annual parent meetings held prior to the Fall and Spring seasons.


  1. 24-hour rule. Games and tournaments can be emotionally charged events. If a parent has a question or concern with a coach, the 24 hour rule applies. All parents must wait a minimum of 24 hours after a game prior to contacting a coach in regards to a concern.


VII. Discipline


  1. Any player or coach receiving a Red Card will not be allowed to play in the next game, regardless of the classification of the violation.


  1. Any player or coach receiving a Red Card may face additional discipline.


  1. The accumulation of two Red Cards by the same player or coach in a season brings an automatic three game suspension for the player, and a mandatory hearing of the FCA Soccer Council to determine if the player will be allowed to remain in FCA Soccer.


  1. Parents, coaches, and members of FCA Soccer who cannot adhere to the FCA Soccer Code of Conduct will be directed by the referee or coach to remove themselves from the game fields. The game may be suspended until the offender removes him/herself from the area.


  1. Players, coaches and parents may be subject to further discipline by the league.


VIII. Equipment


  1. Players will adhere to all rules of the league.


  1. Players are required to wear shin guards, at all age levels, during training sessions unless otherwise directed from their respective coach.


  1. All players must wear their gray training shirt, navy shorts, and navy socks to all training sessions.


  1. Uniforms


  1. All players on a team must be in full uniform. Uniform shall consist of a jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards and shoes. In the event that participating teams both are wearing the same colors, league rules determine which team is responsible for changing colors.


  1. Numbers on the jerseys must adhere to league rules.


  1. The referee may issue a caution to any player not wearing a uniform conforming to these rules.


  1. The FCA Soccer uniform colors will consist of a combination of Navy, Orange, and/or


  1. Players are expected to wear their gray training t-shirt during warm-ups at games.


  1. Schedules, Cancellations and Forfeits


  1. Game scheduling is done at a preseason league meeting of coaches. Coaches work with other league coaches and the League Board to determine game dates.


  1. Forfeits are determined by league rules.


  1. Cancellations are determined by league rules.


  1. Training and Scrimmage


  1. Teams will train in accordance to the schedule determined by the Executive Director of Coaching and the coach. Special considerations may considered.


  1. All players are expected to be at training on time and ready to participate at their scheduled training time and location.


  1. The location and times of training will be reviewed by the Executive Director of Coaching and the field/facilities committee of the FCA Soccer Council.


  1. FCA Soccer supports the playing of scrimmages or Friendlies with other teams.


  1. Scrimmages or Friendlies should be scheduled with the Executive Director and/or Program Director to help avoid any conflicts.


XII. Financial


  1. All fund raising done in the name of FCA Soccer must be approved by the FCA Council.


  1. All corporate and commercial donations or sponsorships must be approved by the FCA Council prior to acceptance of funds.


  1. The FCA Soccer Council and Executive Director are responsible for setting any club budgetary items as described in the FCA Soccer Bylaws.