Questions to Ask College Coaches

About Me

  • Have you seen me play? If so, how will I fit into the team?
  • Of the current players competing at my position(s), what skills do they possess that I don't, and vice versa?
  • How many freshmen are being recruited at my position?
  • Where do you see me fitting in the program as a freshman and beyond?
  • Where am I on your list of recruits?
  • Can I or should I redshirt my freshman year?
  • What are the team's training plans?
  • Will I receive a written offer?
  • What are your expectations for me?

About the Coach

  • How would you best describe your coaching style?
  • What is your preferred system and style of play?
  • What's important for players to understand about you as a coach?
  • What team building activities do you like?
  • When does your coaching contract end?
  • How do you treat walk-ons?
  • What is the typical annual training cycle for your student-athletes?
  • What is the typical day like for your student athletes both in and off season?

About Academic Balance

  • How many players graduate in four years, and what is the team's GPA?
  • How does the program support players academically (including tutoring)?
  • Will professors allow me to make up missed tests due to matches?
  • What is your policy for late arrivals or missed training due to class schedule?
  • What course load and GPA must I carry to remain eligible? To retain financial aid?

About the Team

  • How important is soccer to the school?
  • Will I need to live on campus?
  • Do most of the players live together?
  • Where in the country do most of your players come from?
  • When does the season begin and end?
  • How many matches are there each season?
  • How much travel, and how far, is there each season?
  • In the past five years, what are the team's proudest moments?
  • What are the team's conduct rules, and how do the compare to those for non student-athletes?
  • Will I need to stay in town during the summer?

About Financials

  • Do you have athletic scholarship funds available?
  • What specific expenses are covered by the financial aid and/or athletic scholarship package?
  • Is financial aid available for summer school?
  • Tuition, books, room and board cost X. My budget is Y. What chance do I have of covering that gap?
  • If I'm injured and can't play, what happens to my financial aid?
  • What are my student employment opportunities to help make ends meet?
  • What conditions are used to determine retention of the financial aid and/or athletic scholarship package?
  • What medical expenses will the school cover, and will I need my own insurance?