College Advisory Program (CAP)

Welcome to the FCA Soccer Club College Advisory Program!

The mission of the FCA CAP is to assist all players and their families within the college recruiting and admissions process. The program is designed for both players interested in playing college soccer and those not interested by providing a wide array of information that will benefit all players in their post secondary search.

Along with online resources, meetings will be conducted throughout the year. Some of the meetings that will be offered include: Preparing for Financial Aid & Academic Scholarships, ACT Test Prep, College Coaches Panel and Recruiting 101.

The college search is an exciting time in the lives of our players and we are excited to be a part of the process. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Andrew Olnhausen

Information about the CAP Program

At FCA Soccer Club, we want all our players to have the best possible experience playing soccer, and our Club is geared towards this. But we also want to ensure that our players are aware of their options after they graduate high school and club soccer is no longer an option.

College soccer and recruiting is a subject very few people outside the system know much about. There are many frustrating rules and regulations which coaches and players (and parents) must adhere to and some of these rules change considerably between governing bodies and division of play. Additionally, all coaches have different philosophies for how they recruit and the specific players they are looking for.

One thing that is true is this: if you want to play college soccer, there is almost certainly a place for you somewhere - especially for female players. This is largely due to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. This law ensures equal opportunity for female athletes. Due to the low-cost involved with a soccer program, there are many more women's programs than men's.

The entire recruiting process can take a very long time and may seem daunting. From gathering your academic information and test scores, to going through the NCAA Eligibility Center (this will be explained later), to contacting coaches, playing in showcases, making a shortlist, choosing the right school for academic and personal reasons, filling out the FAFSA (again, this will be explained later) and eventually getting into school, this guide teaches you how the process works and how best to approach it.

It is very important to understand that no one course of action is right for everyone. Every school and coach may handle the process differently for his or her prospective student-athletes. But there are many things you do need to know about the process before you begin. We are here to help!